ABOUT Cezantí


We live in a complex world. A woman is often confronted with many different roles and so the products in her life should also be diverse. These should meet all of her needs and should satisfy all of her wishes, because she values ​​her appearance, her aesthetics and the expression of her individuality.


Cezantí was founded to enrich the lives of modern women by creating handbags and accessories that are as diverse as you are. We shape style, inspire people and create desires.

Luxury meets functionality

Live your busy and modern lifestyle in luxury.
Our bags are multitasking.

Our design is elegant and real fashion with innovative construction and the highest level of details and quality. They find out here. more about our craftsmanship and materials.

Your best companion. Mindful Luxury.

Thanks to their innovative construction and structure, our bags are travel-optimized. They are your statement of individuality. Whether a business meeting or happy hour afterwards, your Cezantí bag is the perfect companion in every situation. Luxurious, multitasking, beautiful and special. Just like yourself!

Be unique, and not a copy.

“Our handbags will be your valued companion for business & leisure and your everyday life. Designed with care, created with passion. "

Marcel Cezantí